sing a little louder

I have a confession to make.

*raises hand*

I am addicted to watching Glee.

Okay all jokes and laughs aside I am seriously in love with this show.  I remember catching a few episodes when it was currently on the air but watching it on Netflix now from season one makes me realize that it is such a great show.  I always did love songs and dance numbers so I guess it was only natural that I would truly fall in love with it.  However my love for the show has awaken my love for the musicals and plays I grew up watching as well as finding interests in ones I never watched.  So what is it about these songs that I love so much?  Maybe its the fact that they remind me of songs I grew up singing or hearing on the radio.  Or maybe its because it brings to life the meaning of the songs for me.

This year in college was musically for me, not the best. Usually ever year I try to find a new group or genre of music to learn more about, apart of my personal life goal to love all music.  This year I did fall in love with African music but because of classes I wasn’t able to dive in as deeply as I wanted to.  Looking back on it now, I didn’t dance even a fraction of what I use to dance or sing as much as I use to.  I think that these shows and musicals are bringing me back to life.   That they are reminding me the joy that is found in music.  How beautiful singing and dancing are.  How they have been part of my outlet and keep me happy.  How sometimes its okay to let your guard down of all the seriousness and be free.  Along with what I learned in college, especially from the parties I went to, its that party songs only go so far for you.  There are only so many times I can bear to hear the same songs or same type of songs being played over and over.  The dancing is all the same, mainly just booty popping and milly rocking.  So its nice to take a break from that scene and just relate to music that means a little more to me.  Not saying that I don’t like a good hype song but like I said in my last post there is always a need for a balance.  And there is always need for some music that is filled with soul and happiness.

Until my next cup of coffee,

a new glee fanatic


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