“Hanging in the Balance”

Hello! Happy Thursday!

Thursdays have come to be a day of reflecting on things that happen during the week for me.  Maybe its because I found myself lately loving to write on Thursdays.  So in my last post I was writing that I was taking a break from social media.  Turns out that break was much needed and very refreshing.  It really helped to break me away from the habit of checking those apps so frequently and really trying to be in the moment then attempting to record and live through it that way.  Another thing that I noticed was that I instantly felt happier.  We tend to be creatures of comparison for the most part. I find myself always comparing myself to other people, whether its what I am doing, what I am wearing or even my hair.  I took time to really just be happy and not even concerned about what people were posting about.  I found myself being happier about spending time with my family and even the things I occupied my time with.

This week really rang in a theme or a sense of balance for me.  One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is Ecclesiastes 3.  It talks about how there is a time for everything.  I saw this in many different situations throughout my week.  First my social media detox really taught me that there is a time for the phone and time to put it down.  Spoiler Alert: I just started learning how to ride bike, without the training wheels. It wasn’t until I got semi emotional about feeling embarrassed about not knowing how to that my dad reminded me that there is a time for everything and that this was my perfect time to learn.  Physically I was challenged to learn how to balance myself on this bike but I felt like emotionally I was learning this key aspect of life as well. Sometimes I find myself too tense and stress which can cause you to fall off just like when riding a bike.  Or I find myself in a state of no effort in which leads me to nowhere. But when I am able to find my center and whole its like riding a bike, easy.

I will probably continue to find myself in and out of balance but I think being self aware is most important when it comes to things.  I like to think that in the long run it will help make me a better person.  In college they say why some of those required credits that don’t directly have to deal with your major are to be use to make you a more well rounded and exposed person.  I am such a firm believer in this but I think there is more to this than just putting yourself in those classes or different situations its putting aside maybe negative thoughts or biases and really just being there in the moment.  I feel more whole and exposed by doing that.  If you have ever tried any of the practices/poses of yoga or even just focused on your breathing that it really brings and ties you closer into that moment.  For a minute you forget about deadlines, text messages and every thought that might be crossing in your mind.  For those brief moments you are literally “hanging in the balance”.

until my next cup of coffee,

a more balanced person

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