how rude

The way we treat each other in today’s society sometimes it surprises me.  You would think that as we become more developed as a world that we would be more kind, more uplifting and accepting of one another.  Sadly, this is not the case.  It is more common and even acceptable in social media to drag people for differences of opinion and ignorance rather than to educate or ignore.  The definition of what a “friend” is has changed as well.  Is it someone who tells you the hard cold truth no matter who you are in front of or despite your feelings because “thats what a friend does” or is it someone who respects your feelings and considers how you might receive and accept what they have to say?  Petty has become a state of being and something to embody.  Being real has just become a way to disguise the ugliness that we all are capable of.
Not to say I have never myself said a negative word about someone or made even the funny remark about an incident behind their back but I am aware.  I feel guilt.  I feel ashamed.  However some people are blind to it.  Stuck within their own world of being cruel to others.  Being in college I was put in situations that I was faced with whether or not I wanted to take part in it or encourage it.  Something stirred within me.  God was telling me this type of behavior was not at all what He intends for me to act like.  And for the people who I was around that participated in it, He began to show me how they would not be beneficial for me in the long run.  He opened my eyes to the things I was blind to in the beginning.  I realized I did not want to be that type of person who was petty.  I could be down to earth and real and still be Christ like.  Once those realizations became clear to me I began to realize how those people weren’t the very best friends for me.  My heart is huge and I have an abundant amount of love for the people I began to become close with.  I have forgiven those who really did hurt and wrong me but I took into account that I didn’t have to keep putting myself back in those situations to be hurt again.  Instead I forgive and pray.  If there is something in this life that is hard to do, is to forgive and pray honestly for the best for them.

until my next cup of coffee,

a changed heart

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