working hard or hardly working

The absolute worst thing about being a college student is having little to no experience.  In addition to that the experience you may have may not even be related at all what your long term career goal is even like.  So there we are trying to make ends meet with a job that pays too little with customers that are rude and trying to find someone who is willingly to bet on you so you can begin to build the experience that is needed to compete with in this world.

I understand why some of the qualifications are so thorough for some of these jobs.  Yet I feel limited and restrained and unable to grow because of these restrictions.  Will I forever be in these part time jobs that are confined to the restaurant business because thats the only experience I have?  Yet I want so much more for myself.  I want to be able to learn more and be able to grow.  As a nursing major skills and exposure are everything.  You can know every single medical terminology there is but if you can’t do the basic skills there is a slight possibility that you wont be there long.  I am currently trying to do that extra push to get a job for the summer that is more related to my field of interest.  The easy road is to get a job at a restaurant but sometimes it is important to take chances and get more opportunities.  Connections are everything.  Networking is the huge thing of our generation.  Knowing the right people is extremely convenient and beneficial the older we get.

I feel like I am hard working.  I love working, it gives me a sense of purpose and makes my days worthwhile.  Yet I feel somewhat behind in the opportunities to expand in my future career.  I feel like its hardly working.  So application after application I complete. has become my most visited website lately.  However despite all of this I feel that it is important to not lose faith.  I believe that through prayer that it will keep me positive despite any challenges that this summer may present.  Every morning I get a notification for the verse of the day from the Bible app.  Today’s  verse was from Matthew 22:37 and it said” He said to him,” You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”  I thought this verse was very applicable to my current situations that no matter what to keep that in mind.

until my next cup of coffee,

a seeking job applicant


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