What are you even going to write about?

What is the broadest category you can think of that is endless in possibilities to write about? Life.  The beautiful twisted life that we live in is the thing that motivates our everyday conversation and thoughts.  You may seem well duh we are living but what does that have to do with this blog? How do I benefit from reading it?  Maybe its just me but I find it refreshing to see how other people look at situations and events and how the cope with them.  Being an intended nursing major in college I am probably the most entertaining part of my life thus far.  So maybe this blog will help somebody or maybe it will be something to just pass the time. I hope that it does more.  Maybe it might develop me more as a person.    I hope that my outlook on life is just as refreshing and energizing as a cup of coffee.  Either way I hope that if you do enjoy coffee, that you grab a cup and enjoy some of the thoughts that I have in my mind to share.


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